White Hat SEO 101 Guide Rank Factor Backlink

White Hat SEO 101 Guide Rank Factor: Backlink


Backlink, Internal Link and External Link give a significant impact for the website or page position in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).


How could this be?


This is come as a good signal in regards to recommendation  and reputation to your website because it shown or linked from another relevance website.


Study Case, if you have a website about farming, [example]. Your neighbor for instance also have a website about food recipes and recommending your website by putting your link on her own. They actively linked your website in regards to get any other significant ingredients for their recipes.


If there is a traffic progress on your neighbor website, and there are bunch of visitor clicks your website on it, that's a good signal for search engine as a great reputation of your web site.


Imagine if your website have backlinks to a lot of website and they have a high traffic as well. It must be really good for your web site tho.



Complete White Hat SEO 101 Guide Rank Factor: Website Backlink


In a years 2010 before, Google declared the importance of backlinks for the website and it's really legit for search engine algorithm in regards to get a high rank on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).


Web developer and Web Site Owner just bombing their website link to another sites brutally. They put it on the comments session, on the forums, and any other place that could be put links, they won't ever missed.


Just one year later, in 2011 Google update their algorithm and major change happened. They realize there is something miss understood  about the backlink thing.


Google Panda won't see a backlink as a value and scores if there is no relevancy between one website to another. All about the spamming or indicate bombing links in website, would drop by and Google Panda won't reward those site a high rank in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).


This kind of spamming and bomb backlink suspected as violating Google Algorithm and as known as Black Hat SEO. And it's zero tolerance in order to search engine algorithm.


Search engine will always updating their logarithm to serving the best information and relevance as well on their page result. The intention is to give internet users good quality content from the website. So they can synchronize and come together in a world web wide as well on purpose.


So, is backlink still have a value and applicable for our website now? Off course, as long as you follow the Google Guideline and your website not violating Google Algortihm, all is well.


1. Your Website Have To Have Relevances


Just like on the study case above, still relevance to the web site about food recipes. This kind of relevancy will make search engine easier to identify what kind of sites that you have is about.


If search engine has identified your website based on the backlinks on relevance website, they would indexing it on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). If your page of content have got indexed and the visitor  count it as useful information on it, the chance is your website will be have a good rank on search engine result page.


The indicator whether your visitor like it or not, can be measure by the bounce rate and how long they have been there (visiting time).


Just don't you dare to put your link brutally to another website. This could violating Google Algorithm and your website rank will be drop down as well on the Alexa, Moz, or Semrush. If this is happening, it wasn't easy to get the trust from search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, anymore.


Make sure you investing website link to another website who have a good reputation and relevance as well.


2. Website Directory Backlink


Nowaday, we can find a lot of website directory which could help us to build a backlink.


Website Directory is a website that could give a visitor free page on it. We can share and write information about our website on there. This kind of website eminence is we have a full of power. We could create content on our own and put the targeted keywords as well.


Google and any other search engine algorithm are allowing us to put our website backlink on the website directory.


3. Backlink On Guest Posting Website


It almost like Directory Website, you could put your website back link to the website which have Guest Posting website. It will give you double benefit as well. With some kind of tricks, we could put complete and details information to the visitor and guide them to our link as a source or references.


Usually Guest Posting Website have a good score on Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). It will make our back link easier to crawl and get index by search engine. So, we will get a higher score on the Search Engine Result Page than any other competitors.


Just like Directory Website, we can find a Guest Posting Website easily now. You can say a forum is one of the Guest Posting Website base on the characteristics it self. We can create information to the member of forum and link it to our website as a back link as easy as A, B, C.


4. Backlink On Government, News, and Organisation Website


Plant and investing in a three kind of website like Government Site, News, and Organisation website will skyrocket our traffic and rank on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) as well. Common sense, Google and any other search engine marks these kind of website as a trustee one. These three are have high organic traffics and always update in daily basis.


Backlink on Government Website

Government Website is a local site which follow by Top Level Domain (TLD) based on the country area. Google Possum (2016) is an algorithm who will rewarding website which have a localize targeting on their website for the visitor.


If you have backlink on the Government Site, you might have a local signal and get attention from Google Possum algorithm, thus they reward you a high rank on the Search Engine Result Page. You may get a page one and number one on the rank, who knows?


Backlink on The News Site

News site always update every single day with the news and live information as well. Everyday, this kind of site always engage the visitor with a high traffics.


Unfortunately, to get a backlink in a news site is not easy. We have to spend our money on there. But if its worth and work, why not?


Backlink on The Education TLD


Organisation site like an education have a high impact of the backlink quality. Just like a government site, search engine like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Bing really trust for the website who have an education TLD.


The student always come across this site to get update information, thus the traffic really on a high number. Just make sure you put backlinks to the relevance topic of your site.



If you still using an old style SEO like bomb backlink and spamming to any other website, especially which have no relevancy to your website, you just have to stop it now. It will make your website against and violating Google and search engine algorithm.


As a result, you will be known as untrusted website by search engine and black listed website as well.


Once again, make sure you put a back link to the website which have relevance to your own website. So your website could identified easily and they could indexing it quickly on the Search Engine Result Page like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc.

White Hat SEO 101 Guide and Google Rank Factor

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