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White Hat SEO 101 Guide and Rank Factor: Content is King


In the business world, we have been always heard that customer is a king. But on the SEO arena, The Content is The King of it all.


Which mean, the content of your website page or post should serving a good quality information, complete and comprehensive as well to the visitor. The complete information of the contents will be useful for the visitor of your website obviously. The purpose of search engine algorithm.


Filling in your website with a complete information and good quality contents will rewarding your site a high rank and page one for the rest of the keywords that you putting on by search engine such Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc.


How to Create A Great Content So Search Engine Could Rewarding Us High Ranks?


Usually, people go to the search engine such Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc. with a question. It therefor, you have to create a contents about the answer for the rest of it. Additional information will be good and make your page stand out from the competitors. You have to put your ass off and create a good information based on the standard writing article 5W-1H: What, Where, When, Why, Who, and How


For example, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia which editable or could create by the guest (Wikipedian Approval). This site seems like always have a high rank for any other pages on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It just because Wikipedia serving a complete and relevance information for the rest of each pages based on the topics.


Again, if you create a complete and comprehensive information contents for the visitor like Wikipedia, it's not impossible for your site to get a high rank on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).



Visitor User Experience of Your Web Site


You can measure if your content is king by the user experience of your web site. In the daily life, we could just leave a place if there were not comfortable because of this and that, right?


So does with your web site. Even though you have create a complete information, but the page loading take a really long time to open, the visitor can just leave your web site.


Study show that a background music of website, messy design, overburden ads in everywhere, poor navigation, could distracting a visitor. They don't like it and walk out of your web site immediately.


The visitor just come back to the search engine and re-searching what are they looking for in another web site.


In this kind of case, even you have created a good and complete information, the search engine will count it as a bad user experience. It called and measure by the high bounce rate, the length time of the visitor while visit your web site until they decide to click exit button is really quick.


With a high bounce rate of your site, the search engine will probably didn't reward you a high rank in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).


To give an excellent user experience of your web site, you should rebuild and update whole of your contents. You could re-upload or resize the resolution of images to cut off the page load time, giving a clear navigation for visitor, put ads beautifully based on Google references, create a clean and plain theme on your site, and so on.



A Good Content Indicators for SEO


1. Heading and Formatting


Heading and formatting in a web site is a sign that you are serious and play no game in regards to create a contents. Just like a books, the function of heading is for separate from one topic to another. If you put heading on your contents it would give a  good user experience to the visitor as well.


Just like Heading, if you formatting the sentence of your contents wit Bold, Italic, Underline, "Quote" etc., it will giving a highlight for visitor and search engine.


The search engine will see it as an important keyword of your website when they crawling it.


2. Image and Atributes


Search Engines such Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex absolutely cannot see and read images on your contents nor web site. But there are some tricks that you could do for images so the search engine could "read" it in regards to get a high rank on Search Engine Result Page.


You can manipulate images by the name file, image url, alt text, image title, and the description of the image it self.


Image name file is the name of the image when you save it to the pc or your notebook. This name file will be generate to the url name whenever you upload it to the root of your hosting or media folder of your website. If you put targeted keyword on the file name for the images, that would be great for SEO obviously.


Alt text image is an alternative text for image that will be crawl by search engine while their do some fetching and rendering on your web site.


Unfortunately, the owner or web developer like to ignore alt images. Even though image and the attributes really powerful if we optimized and maximized it on purposed, they didn't aware of it yet.


You can read the full information about images and the attributes section completely here.



3. Internal and External Link


Internal and external link is a kind of tier in a page of a website. This two links is similar but totally different.


Internal Link is a created link for visitor which could be a references of another topic that can't be put on a same page of the contents. This type of links are build to raise and increase the visitor engagement and decrease a bounce rate of website.


The presence of internal link could also make a search engine easier to crawling your entire site at once.


It therefor many of SEO player love to add sitemap on their landing page or as a part of menus or put it on their web site footer. Because sitemap of the website, contain all of the linked all of the pages, posts, attachments, etc on it.


This kind of type Juicy Link is a plus factor and have a big impact to your website to rank higher on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).


External Link is kind of references link outside of your web site. But if you create an OG or Original Content, you could put it as a External References and further information for visitor. As long as external links has relevancy to your page or post, all is good.


4. Google Products


If you only focus on Google search engine, you could use various google products as a secret ingredient to your website. There are so many Google Products that you could put on the content suchL Google Maps, Youtube (Embed Video), Google Form, Google Adsense, etc.


Including the Google Products on your content is just like you help Google to introducing their products to your visitor. And their search engine algorithm love it so much.


I said that because Google is a big company with multiple products released. The algorithm or the main build up coding have same characteristics or at least identical.


Somehow, with adding Google Products to your content site, it make the search engine algorithm easier to identified your web site. It's even a big plus if you were part of the Google Partner and using Google Adsense as well on your web site.




Is That All? Serving A Complete and Comprehensive Information on Contents to Get A High Rank on Search Engine Result Pages on SEO?


Maybe yes, maybe no. Nobody can predict and make sure can get a high rank on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) on search engine such Yandex, Bing, Yahoo, and Google.


There are some consideration beside the excellent contents on your web site pages such as: Backlink, Image Atribut, Domain Name, Permalinks, Domain Authority, Focus Keyword, Social Media, Meta Tittle, and Meta Description.


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