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White Hat SEO 101 Guide Rank Factor Domain and Permalink

White Hat SEO 101 Guide Rank Factor: Domain and Permalink


This time we are gonna talk about domain name and permalinks on a website.


There are two different opinions about choosing domain name for a web site. You can choose a domain name with putting keywords on it. Like this website name, a  world web wide  site, or choose another domain name as a new brand as a trademark or line.


The both side is completely okay, it depends on your goal target and intention. If you choose a new brand and build it on purpose, you could put or attached the keywords on your website description and meta tag such: meta title, meta description, and meta keyword as well.


The big plus if you choose to create website with keyword on a domain name, your website will be faster to index by search engine base on the keyword  it self.


Just like a life choices, choosing domain name has their own pros and cons.


If you decide to pick a new brand on the domain name, here's the meta that could useful for your web site. The Meta Tag must be put in the head section on your html or php document.



<meta name="title" content="Indowebsite: Tutorial Website, SEO and Digital Marketing">

<meta name="description" content="Free Website and SEO Tutorials">

<meta name="keywords" content="SEO, Website, Domain, Permalink, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript">

<meta name="author" content="John Doe">



Meta Name Title  is a Meta Tag title which appear on the browser tab while we open a web site. This kind of Meta Name Title will appear on a Search Engine Result Page on the title section of your web site or page.


Meta Name Description is a Meta Tag  about the description or conclusion of your web site or page in a limited words. This kind of Meta will appear on a Search Engine Result Page as a description of your website. Usually Meta Name Description also known as Snippet.


Meta Name Keyword  is a Meta Tag about the keyword of your website on a single words. This kind of meta will simplify the search engine to grab your website in a keyword grouping.


Meta Name Author is a Meta Tag which display the author of the web site or page creator.


There are another Meta Tag such Meta Charset="UTF-8" and Meta Name="viewport". But these kind of Meta Tag are technical purpose and only use by the Web Developer in terms of building a website.


Permalink on A Website


Permalink is a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) name on the web site. You could including your keyword on the permalink or your url website of the page. For example, the permalink for this URL page is


In a SEO arena, we can call permalinks as a slug. The function is to inform and explain to the visitor and search engine about the page on a web site. You can name permalink just like the title of the page if you want to. It could be boost your page on Search Engine as well.


In a Content Management System like WordPress, you can choose a permalink name as a default setting. Just go to the Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalink to set it up. This setting will generate the slug or permalinks every time you create a new page or a new post.


The choice to choose a permalinks on CMS WordPress written as below:


  • Plain
  • Day and Name
  • Month and Name
  • Numeric
  • Postname
  • Custom Structure with tag choices such %postname% %year% %monthnum% %day% %hour% %minute% %second% %post_id% %category% %author%


In SEO world, we won't suggest you to choose permalink options such Plain, Day and Name, Month and Name, and Numeric. Those kind of permalinks are not SEO friendly.


You have to avoid to choose a date on a post or page url as well. So, your page or post will be timeless and not bound in time.


With the date, month, or years on your page, post, or permalink, will impact the visitor psychologically. In a 2-3 years, your page or post will not engaging because they think your page out of date and irrelevant anymore. The Search Engine algorithm are hate those permalinks which along with date, month, or years state in it.


If you wish to make your page on website SEO Friendly, we suggest you to choose a postname permalink. This kind of permalink will generate your post or page title into a url name.


You can choose a domain as your website name base on your needs and intention. It can be a new brand, a keyword among it, or combining both of them.


For permalinks, make sure you put keyword on the slug or url. If you are WordPress user, you can choose postname as a default setting on a permalink name or slug.

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