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White Hat SEO 101 Guide Rank Factor Focus Keyword


White Hat SEO 101 Guide Rank Factor: Focus Keyword


SEO worlds tied up with a keywords, obviously. But you have to use it carefully. On a Google Hummingbird Algorithm (2013), overused keywords in a content wouldn't regarding a high rank in Search Engine.


So, how do we handle it? What should we do to make our content didn't seen as keywords stuffing by Search Engine?


Well, on this section we will explaining it to you about how to using keyword properly in a website content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).



Tips and Trick How To Using Keyword Target Properly on Your Website


If you using WordPress as your website Content Management System (CMS), we rocemmends you to install Yoas SEO plugin as a SEO tools on your website. This tolls could help you to analyze the keywords for each page or posting on your website. These are the summary of Yoast SEO analysis for the content so it doesn't read as a keyword stuffing or spamming by Search Engine.


1. You Never Use The Focus Keyword Before


Make sure you choose a different focus keyword for each post or page on your website. The intention is to avoid duplicate content and not make search engine confuse which page or post of your content should rank on the Search Engine Result Page. You have to double check whether the focus keyword have been use before or not.


2. The Focus Keyword Appears in URL Permalinks or Slug


We have discuss it before abut permalink here before, to maximize and optimize the keywords as your target, you have to put in it on permalinks as well. The reason why we have to put in focus keywords on permalinks is to make robot or search engine algorithm easier to crawl and identified what's all about the content. If the Search Engine Algorithm successfully identified about our page or post, they could index our website on the Search Engine Result Page immediately.


3. Focus Keywords Appears om Heading (H1) and Sub Heading (H2, H3, H4, H5 or H6)


Just like the explanation above, focus keyword is heading or sub-heading could make search engine easier to identified our content. So, they could recognize about our website and rewards us a high rank if our content have a good quality and qualified enough.


4. The Focus Keyword in First Paragraph on a Copy


For your information, it takes a long time and journey to crawling a website entirely for search engine. There is a lot of data on a world web wide. You have to put in the focus keyword on the first paragraph of the copy. Just in case, the robot of search engine algorithm didn't crawl our website completely from head to toe.


No body knows which website or when the search engine will crawl our website and does it crawled entirely or not. So, putting in your focus keyword such an anticipation if this kind of case happened to our website.


5. The Focus Keyword Appears In Alt Image


One of the tricky tips to avoid keyword stuffing on your content is put the keyword in alt image. Somehow, spamming the keyword on the alt image doesn't count as a keyword spamming, yet. Because the alt image it self get crawled separately by the robot or search engine algorithm than your content.


You can putting in the keywords on the file name, url, alt text, image title image, or image description. You can read more about image attribute here.




Tips to Choosing Focus Keywords


When it comes to Focus Keyword, we may get headache  a little bit. If you are confused to choosing keywords, we love to hints you some practical tips for your website content.


1. The Focus Keyword Have a High Volume Search


No matter what, if you think your keyword is great but nobody search it, it just wasted. We have to do some research about the keywords volume search by people. And we recommending you to include the target of location for the keywords it self.


You may not get it well, but don't worry, we already give you some tools about keyword volume search to make your headache gone.


2. A Low Competition Keyword


If you still planning to create and developing a website, you have to do some research about keyword competition as well. You can see the competition on the search engine result page, below the box search to know how big the competition on the stage and win over your competitors.


If you already have a website and the competition really tight, chance are you have to create a great great content with a relevant information and comprehensive as well. You can read about how to make a fantastic content here.


3. Suggested By Search Engine


If you confuse about finding a right keyword, whether the search volume or competition, you can go to the search engine and typing a half sentence on there. Give a search engine a little bit time to find the suggested keyword for you based on the hanging sentence you typed. There is a bunch of drop down keyword that you can choose suggested by search engine.





Keywords Analytic Tools


Keyword really matter when it come to Search Engine Optimization. We have some recommended tools for you to analyze the keyword for your website contents


1.  Google Trends -


You can use Google Trends to analyzing data about the keyword volume on search engine result and the dynamic of it for each months in a year.


The keyword data presents really user friendly even for a newbie. We could see the chart of the keywords and suggested keyword from to time at Google Trends.


2. Ubersuggest -


Ubersuggest is such a powerful tools for SEOs nowadays. They presenting complete metrics which SEOs around the globe needs suchL Search Volume, CPC (Cost Per Click, -if you Adsense or Adwords player), keywords competition, and so on.


We could set the target location and which platform of the keywords we want to research like: website, youtube, image, shopping, or news. And you can use this powerful tools completely at no charge or FREE!




That's all about Focus Keyword, How To Analyze, Search Volume, and Tips Where Should we putting in The Keyword.


We hope you enjoy this article and good luck for your keywords!

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