Web Site and Page Speed Test or Checker Tools

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Web Site and Page Speed Test or Checker Tools


When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), page speed load on your web site does matter. It will give a good experience to the visitor obviously (perhaps, if the load time is fast).


"Because Nobody want a slow loading page." - indoweb.site


It therefore you need Web Site Speed Test to know whether your loading page on web site is fast or slow like a donkey. So you can fix it immediately to give your visitor best experience on your web site.



Why Web Site Speed Affect to SEO?

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What will you do if you try to visit a web site, but the load time is very slow to complete the page? You must be leave that site immediately and push the exit button without any regret, right?


So does what would happen with the visitor of your web site if your loading page take a very looooooooong time. They will just leave and find another website to reach the information they looking for.


With this kind of cases, search engine will raise your bounce rate and they would drowning your rank. High bounce rate indicated that your website serving a poor information and not engaging to the visitor.


So, if you concern on the SEO things, page speed load time have to be your lists to check and perform better on the web wide.


"Remember: slow page load = high bounce rate = low search engine page rank result." - Indoweb.site



How To Tell if You Need Web Site and Page Speed Test or Checker Tools?


If you find out the bounce rate is raise (you can use Google Analytic), you have to check what's wrong with your web site, it may be the page loading or speed time have been affected to the issues.


If your Search Engine Rank Page is drowning, you need to checks your Web Site and Page Speed with the tools or checker immediately.


If the visitors of your website is somehow much lower than usual, I think you just have to check out your Web Site and Page Speed .


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What is The Best Web Site and Page Speed Test or Checker Tools?


There are 2 recommended Web Site and Page Speed Test or Checker Tools for you. We proudly present it to you with the details and how to using it for each Web Site and Page Speed Test or Checker Tools.


Google PageSpeed Insight

Pingdom Website Speed Test


Every single Website Page Speed Tools above have their uniqueness and strong point.


Google PageSpeed Insight can analyze your website based on the platform, whether it is mobile or desktop.


Pingdom Website Speed Test can test your website from different area such: California, New York, Stockholm, and Australia.


Good luck to speed up your page loading time!


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